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Truck Load Boards is always looking for experienced owner operators with Regular Flatbed Truck, Drop Decks, Double Drops, specialized stretch decks, dry vans, and sometimes sensitive trade show hauling experience. We’re a logistics provider of trucking resources, including load boards and many related services. There are thousands of carriers under contract who have found loads from one of our trucking resources or load boards.

Simply click on one of our many trucking resources located on our website and browse the owner operator job opportunities that are available to you. We encourage you to look through all of our owner operator, load board links to make sure you have found the right resources that fits your specific needs. We know owner operator competition is getting tougher, that’s why is here for you.

Regardless of whether your experience or trucking and freight needs involve TL, LTL, intermodal or international freight, will help you the trucking professional find the right trucking load or trucking job for you.

Why use one of Load Board resources?

Load Boards provide a series of services to the trucking industry and over truck driving community. They’re the entrance to an online network of trucking resources, one of which is the posting of loads to haul and trucks needing cargo. This basic premise of a place to locate carriers and loads, a place to find work, has expanded over time to include all the necessary tools and technologies for planning and overseeing a successful haul trip.

The most important service a load board can offer is access to key information. This load board information, which may include ratings for trucking lanes, locations of support services including truck stops, and automatic matching for trucks and loads. Weather and road conditions, accurate mileage reports, credit information for freight holders, and backhaul planning are other key elements you might find on a load board resource tool.. Load boards compile all this key trucking information together, making it accessible, and providing the tools so you can use them effectively. Some Load boards have even recently added the ability to access their resources using your mobile phone, further adding to the convenience of accessing the right trucking load board resources when you need them the most, on the road. The fact remains that without truck load boards, a trucker’s world would be a lot more difficult and potentially less profitable.

These Load Boards act as a hub of information that is easily accessible either via the internet or just a cell phone call away. load boards can provide a place to find trucks and loads, but load boards can be much more than just matchmakers. The wealth of resources these load boards can provide can help a owner operator and/or carrier maximize their opportunities, which is much needed especially in this economy.

First and foremost a good load board can help you find a load but that is the easy part. In this economy, in order to maximize profits, a carrier has to plan ahead considering every aspect of their haul/trip. Today in order to have a profitable trucker career means planning for both the trip out and your return trip, including consideration of your freight lanes, making the most of your local opportunities, and looking to diversify your opportunities. The days of just finding the highest paying load and setting off are a recipe for disaster for today’s trucking professionals. This change in scenario for truckers means a load board is an important tool for success. It can be the ultimate planning tool, supplying you tools and technologies to allows you to build multi-leg trucking routes, rate shipping lanes, locate truck stops and possibly much needed support systems. The resources at makes it possible to locate all of these resources, allowing you to better plan your trip, and then access the resources your need when you’re out there on the road and encounter an unexpected challenge. The ability to plan and access these trucking resources are one of the keys to success as a carrier in this ever changing and challenging economy.